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Buckaroo Technology

We at Buckaroo always insist on utmost comfort in every piece of footwear we produce. This quest for comfort lead us to continuously innovate & present pathbreaking technologies. Some of those are listed below.

GSX (Gel Suspension Cushion)

This ergonomic technology uses the gel silicone insole and symmetry in design to deliver unmatched cushion support. By absorbing impact evenly it offers maximum protection to the ankles, knees & hips.

Rotex 360 Degree

Designed to offer adaptability & unrestricted movement and 360 degree flexibility, this technology uses a lightweight midsole material. The shoe employ a overlap slip constriction, by which the upper part of the shoe is stitched with the sole or midsole. Buckaroo insole is long lasting & stays in peak condition even after 500 kilometers

Goodyear Welted

Buckaroo’s impressively masculine boots are Goodyear welted. Which enables them to endure any terrain.
The top of the boot is chain- stitched to the upper & insole rib at a point where it curves under the last.
The welt & outsole is fused to offer comfortable experience.
Additionally Buckaroo’s guanine leather retain its softness & suppleness.
While a cushioned insole & tough anti-slip sole adds to the safety.

Insta Dry

buckaroo’s quest for perfection includes Insta-dry. This layer in the sloe reduces abrasion, facilitates movement of moistures, speeds up evaporations and ensures ventilation by instantly dissipating the bodies thermal energy from the feet. This ensures the skin stays moisture free in any condition.

ODO Free

With this technology Buckaroo’s inner lining remains totally dry in all conditions, eliminating any possibility of bad shoe odor. Buckaroo’s entire range saving you from social embarrassment.